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Discover the roots and cultural history of Greek wine

Online wine course organized by the University of Athens

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We invite you to participate in the online course about wine organized by the University of Athens.

Enhance your knowledge and gain a deeper understanding on the cultural history of wine and its role to ancient Greeks' everyday life. Don't miss the opportunity and book your place to this interesting 4-weeks online course!


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A few words about the course

Wine is part of the Greek cultural heritage; its production and the accompanying tradition exists for more than 4.000 years! In Greek mythology, we find the Olympian Gods that rule Cosmos. One out of twelve is Dionysus who is identified as the God of revelry and wine, also known as Bacchus. Furthermore, Greeks had many philosophical quotes regarding wine. Plato believed that “wine fills the heart with courage” and Euripides that “where there is no wine there is no love”.

In this online course you will learn about the cultural history of wine and how it was firstly produced. You will also have the chance to learn the secrets and techniques you need to use in order to make your own wine. Further on, the course extends to the nutritional value of wine, how it can be combined and mixed with food and how beneficial it can be for your health. This course applies perfectly for anyone who would love to learn all the historical details and myths related to that divine product.

Lastly, the course focuses on the purposes of wine production, either as a source of inspiration or as financial assistance. The inspirational part is somehow combined with culture and religion, as it is depicted on works of art like paintings, sculptures and ceramics.


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Apply with code Vino22 to get a 15% discount!


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